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“Thank you for your frank answers to my questions. In spring my cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides were all out of the normal ranges. I started using olive oil for cooking and for salad dressing. In October  I began taking Cholest-Natural and Total Balance Men’s Plus.

I took double doses of your Cholesterol Formula during November 2004 and December 2004. At my annual check-up, in December 2004 my cholesterol was 161, HDL was 36, LDL was 109 and triglycerides were 78. Due to what I learned on your web site about heart attack and stroke prevention, I had my doctor check two other indicators: my Homocysteine was 11 and my C-Reactive Protein was 1.51. My doctor was amazed.

Thank you for your excellent products and your frank advice.”
Eric, USA

“I must tell you this: before taking your product I paid a visit to my doctor, total check up. What he found was my cholesterol was 325. Very bad. So the next day I started on the product. After two months, would you know, my cholesterol dropped to 180. Then I went back to my doctor.

I think if he was a little older he would have had a heart attack. The man did not believe the result, so you know what, he sent me back to redo the test on his expense. I tell you, the man was just blown away, you know, all the time he was telling me to go on some drugs but I never like taking drugs and kept telling myself there must be another way.”
Anthony, West Indies

“I just want to compliment your company on your customer service. I am actually from New Zealand and live in London. I did not even know you were an NZ company when I first ordered. When I received my first lot of vitamins I just loved the letter that came with the product. I have bought things that are £1,000 and don’t even receive a letter like that. Keep up the great work.”
Clint, UK

“This test below was done on May 18,  after one month of using Cholest-Natural. I have been on the former one for 2 months and then the new one for the 3rd month. I went a short period of half a month without it. The email was a reply from my Doctor Scott here in Alaska. You will see his note below.

Then: HDL: 35 – LDL: 104 – Risk: 5.2 – Tryg: 214 – Total: 182.
Now: HDL: 40 – LDL: 112 – Risk: 4.5 – Tryg: 137 – Total: 179.

Good Job. It looks like its working.”
Chip, USA

“Hi, I am a customer and currently in your loyalty program. Often the only input people give is negative, so I just wanted to take a moment to send you some positive input! Your customer service is exceptional! I have been in contact with Chantal several times with questions, or in need of advice and she is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and truly an asset to your company!

Her work ethic is exemplary and her interaction with customers is wonderful! I have also found other contacts with your company to be of the same high quality! Even though I am from the United States I prefer to deal with a company of your excellent standards!

Thank you for the services and products you provide. It is clearly evident that you care about your customers!”
Judith, USA

“I thought you might like to hear the very positive results of my husband’s cholesterol levels after he was on your Cholest-Natural for about a year. He was about to go on Lipitor when I started searching for alternative solutions and stumbled on your website.

I convinced him to try your Cholest-Natural and it worked! Although he was only taking 2 gel caps in the evenings, usually 1/2 hour before dinner, I believe that along with his diet your Cholest-Natural really helped with the recent results:

Date                HDL                                    LDL              Total
Feb-05        not available          216                292
Dec-05        42                                          152                213
Jan-06          54                                          118                200

Thank you for having such good quality and effective supplements.”
Chris, USA

“Thank you for such great value on your products…as I have written several articles on daily vitamins, I’ve come to really appreciate just how complete Total Balance is…”
David, USA

“This is fantastic. My results with the old formula were stunning. Cholest-Natural works better than Lipitor.”
Joe, USA

“…I must say I have only praises for your products. After being on Total Balance and Natural Energy for two weeks, one of the changes is enjoying quality sleep from day one. Before that, to achieve the same kind of deep sleep, I would have to take medication. I also had to visit the doctor monthly for a relaxant jab because of the neck and shoulder aches, the headaches and overall low energy level. Also, I eat a lot less without feeling weaker. I feel energetic and positive…….

……My mother is also experiencing marvellous improvements. Even better, she doesn’t feel the same pain in her feet. At one time it was so bad that she couldn’t walk and had to go for acupuncture treatments for 3 consecutive months. She doesn’t have the daily headaches.

I can’t believe that I have found the solution. She is happier and as a result I am happier, and as a result my husband is happier. I am so encouraged by my experience with your products and your customer service that I tell all my friends and relatives about it. This is really how I feel and I am grateful that you have set up a company with such integrity and sincerity. Yours healthily…”
Jaryl, USA

“I just got my cholesterol reading after taking your product for 7 months and I want you guys to be the first to know that it dropped almost 50 points!! Wow! My HDL is 94 also! Thanks so much for this great supplement…I’m a loyal customer!!…”
Jodi C, USA

“Oh, just so you know, in five weeks my total cholesterol levels dropped approximately 22-23 points. I took the regular dose for the first couple of weeks, but then doubled up the last three. I am so happy that I do not have to take meds!”
Becky, USA

“I just got my blood test results (I am diabetic). After taking 4800mg of fish oil every night for a month, plus Xtend-Life Cholest-Natural with Policosanols:

My Triglycerides dropped a whopping 551 points and are now NORMAL!!

My total Cholesterol dropped a whopping 98 points and is now NORMAL!!!

This is without taking ANY prescription statin or cholesterol drugs. I am free of poisonous statin drugs forever!”
Melody H, USA

“I cannot thank you folks enough. I stopped taking Lipitor back in September  due to numerous side effects and started taking Cholest-Natural. My blood work results were astounding with my LDL down by 20%, but not only that my HDL went UP by 20%! I was so impressed that I forwarded my results and your information to my father, who subsequently placed his own order.

After just six weeks, the same story. LDL down 20%, HDL up 20%! We both want to extend our thanks to you and yours.

By the way, all that our traditional doctors can do is scratch their heads…they’re at a loss!
Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
Jim in Ohio (and Dad in Delaware)

“Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service and the loyalty discount.”
Rita, USA

“Shiree, Wow, what fabulous service! Thank you so much. We appreciate the time, consideration, and information. With much appreciation,”
Shanon, USA

“….I have been taking Male Rejuvenator and Total Balance. For the first 2 days I felt very ‘hot’, especially around the throat. I thought of reducing the dosage, but never did. I am 58 and thought it could be my body responding/reacting to the benefits of the supplement.

For the last few days I have continued to consume the recommended protocol………my body now feels better, light and sharp and I could sleep well, waking up in the morning without feeling tired and lethargic. I hope the feeling persists.”
Anthony, USA

“I was just sitting here thinking. I don’t know you people, but I like you. You seem honest about your products, sincere in your care for people, polite in dealing with your customers, and prompt & precise with the orders. You just flat out make me feel good to be in contact with you. Maybe I do know you. May God bless you! Have a nice day.”
Marilyn, USA

“I have been ordering from Xtend-Life for a year now. Their products are of the best quality, their prices are very competitive and the level of customer service has always been exemplary – fast, efficient and courteous. Once or twice I have had problems with postal services and Xtend-Life has always been quick to help in finding a solution. I shall continue to use their products for many years to come.”
Philip, China

Greetings, Folk!

“Just wanted to share that I went to the cardiologist today and my cholesterol “numbers” are better than ever.  I’m absolutely sure that the change is due to the Xtend-Life (natural) Cholesterol Formula that I’ve been taking.

Some of the difference between the first two sets of numbers might have been due to the fact that I was too sick to indulge in naughty foods.  But I’ve eaten like a piggy whenever I had the chance, this last 3 months, and look at the difference!

3/26/05                      7/12/05                                  11/3/05
Total cholesterol                164                                      160                                              124
Triglycerides                          100                                      105                                                  48
HDL “good”                                30                                          43                                                    57
LDL “bad”                                  114                                        96                                                    57

Now, is that cool, or what?  It’s so great, when something works just the way it claims it will, and with no evil side-effects.  Feel free to pass the word.”
Kathleen, USA

“I have been ordering from Xtend-Life for a year now. Their products are of the best quality, their prices are very competitive and the level of customer service has always been exemplary – fast, efficient and courteous.

Once or twice I have had problems with postal services and Xtend-Life has always been quick to help in finding a solution. I shall continue to use their products for many years to come.”
Philip, China

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