Xtend Life Kiwi Klenz Review

Xtend Life Kiwi Klenz

If you are suffering digestive disorders, one remedy that worth trying is Xtend Life Kiwi Klenz. This health supplement is all natural and devoid of chemical ingredients.

It is also 100 percent vegetarian. If you go through the feedbacks provided by customers, you can read real life accounts of how effective this product is in clensing the digestive system and restoring its balance.

With regular consumption of this health supplement, you can completely stop digestive disorders in your body.

What is this product made of?

As the name indicates, this product consists of pure kiwi fruit extracts. Although there are other products that contain the goodness of 100 percent kiwi fruit, there is a difference between Kiwi Klenz and the others.

The main difference is in the process of extracting nutrients from the fruit. While most of the other products use the freeze dried process for extraction, this product uses a water extraction process. Freeze drying destroys certain essential nutrients in the health supplement. Water extraction process preserves maximum nutrients and improves the quality of the health supplement. Also, water extraction causes soluble fibers, enzymes and phenolics present in the fruit to become concentrated. As a result, the potency of these elements in the supplement becomes.

What makes it so effective?

In addition to the powerful extraction process, the balance of nutrients in Xtend Life Kiwi Klenz makes it more effective. Essentially, this health supplement supplies four crucial nutrients required for a balanced digestive system. The four elements are fiber, enzymes, phenolics and prebiotics.

Soluble fiber is extremely important for healthy digestion. This nutrient makes digestion slower and more thorough by absorbing water. Kiwi is known to have a high fiber content.

Enzymes, on the other hand, are necessary for the actual digestion process. They break down complex compounds such as proteins and aid in easy digestion. By giving your body a good amount of enzymes, the product enhances the efficiency of digestion. You do not get the benefits of enzymes by eating kiwi fruit directly because enzymes are present in a very small quantity in the fruit. In this health supplement, enzymes are present in higher concentrations, thereby lending high benefits.

Your digestive tract has good bacteria as well as bad bacteria. The good bacteria help in digestion while the bad bacteria cause digestive problems as well as other diseases. The phenolic compounds present in kiwi fruit are bioactives that suppress the growth and activity of bad bacteria. They also promote the growth and activity of good bacteria. Kiwi Klenz, with its concentrated phenolic content, helps in both ways.

Prebiotics also play a very important role in the entire digestive system. These are essentially non-digestive foods such as insoluble fiber and are available naturally in fruits and vegetables. The main function of prebiotics is to provide nourishment to the good bacteria present in your digestive tract. Second, they increase the production of short chain fatty acids, which are also good for overall health.

These four nutrients present in this product work cumulatively to enhance the efficiency of digestive system and bring a balance in it.

What are the benefits ?

When your digestive system is balanced and highly efficient, your body receives nutrients in high quantities and your overall health improves. A balanced digestive system is highly efficient in absorbing nutrients from foods. As your body grows strong due to optimum nourishment, your immune system becomes healthier and you become resistant to diseases.

Kiwi Klenz helps you have regular bowel movement. As a result, your body enjoys detoxification effects. Your skin becomes clear because of this. You can also reduce the occurrence of acne. Your energy levels are higher as well. Some kinds of cancer such as colon cancer that are attributed to irregular bowel movement can be averted by keeping the system healthy.

Some of the other benefits of this product are reduced bloating, reduced gas discharge and effective weight loss.


Adults can take 2 capsules every day, one each after breakfast and dinner. If you are on other medication, maintain a 2 to 3 hour gap between taking this product and your medicines.


One bottle containing 60 capsules costs $34.45

You get 12 month money back guarantee with this health supplement.

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