Xtend Life Cardio Support Review.

Xtend Life Cardio Support
Cardiovascular irregularities and heart disease have increased immensely in recent times due to various factors. After extensive research, Xtendlife has come up with an all-natural supplement aimed to help prevent heart related diseases.  Xtend Life Cardio Support is specifically designed for adults approaching their 40s.

Although Xtendlife already has a product called Omega3/DHA which follows a generalized approach towards enhancing health, it was felt that there was the need for an advancement that is more focused on cardio problems. So, a more innovative and progressive supplement was introduced in 2007.

Key Features :

Cardio-Support is derived scientifically from natural sources and contains 29 vital components. Based on their nutritive value, these components can further be categorized into amino acids, enzymes, specific nutrients, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other co-elements.

The nutritional supplement contains a unique enzyme called Nattozimes that aims to maintain healthy arteries and is known to possess anti-clotting properties. Since this enzyme is sensitive towards the acids present in the stomach, the capsule is designed with enteric-coating technology that shields the nattozimes in the abdomen and enables a safe landing in the upper intestine. This technology also enhances the efficiency of other nutrients like Reduced L-Glutathione.

This supplement has the right balance of the desired amino acids, and nutrients such as policosanol, alpha lipoic acid, serrazines, rutin and methylating agents. The combination of all these ingredients in the most optimum ratio makes them function synergistically. Vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and K are also part of the capsule composition.

Usage :

This capsule is loaded with beneficial natural elements. It is recommended for adults 40 and over with the suitable dosage being two capsules that are to be consumed twice daily. However, this capsule can be teamed with the Total Balance supplement offered by Xtendlife. The combination provides an overall health benefit to the heart and other heart related functions. The dosage, if required, can be extended from 4 tablets a day to 8 tablets a day in the initial months.

Benefits :

This capsule, with a huge list of vital ingredients, provides a lot of support to the heart and ensures its proper functioning. It helps in removing clots and other harmful deposits from the arteries, thereby aiding uninterrupted blood circulation and keeping the heart muscles functioning properly. With various antioxidants infused into it, Cardio Support effectively fights against the free radicals, which in turn enhances the energy levels and improves the entire immune system.

The nutrients help in monitoring calcium levels in the body. This supplement helps in maintaining the desired ratio between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes to a large extent. It also ensures improved digestion process and effective absorption of vital nutrients.

Precautions :

Cardio Support does not contain any pharmaceutical elements. So, the chances of side effects are considerably low. However, since it still does contain many components, reactions could occur if consumed with other prescribed medicines. So, users need to consult a doctor beforehand.

Pregnant women should also seek doctor’s advice before consuming this supplement. Adults taking blood thinning medications should consult their doctors also. In general, leave a gap of 3 to 4 hours between intake of prescribed medicines and consumption of Cardio Support.

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